Saturday, 28 February 2015

The saga continues............

Followers of this blog will be aware that posts are few and far between but the fact that there is 11 months since the last update stretches credibility somewhat.  Due to other matters I have done very little actual modelling since last June and I am am only very slowly getting back into things.
Anyhow, enough of that and on with the update.
After a period of being stored away I took one look at the middle board and immediately ripped up one of the sidings as I was just not happy with it.  It just looked too straight and tidy running in a boring parallel fashion alongside the running line.  It is now much shorter and curves away from the platform approach and represents the stub of a long-lifted spur to a quarry or some such industry.

The end of the short siding with the fence cutting across the trackbed of the former branch.  Apologies for the plastic sheet in the background.

Stepping back a bit and showing the PW hut, the wire fencing and undergrowth.  I certainly feel much better with how this corner of the layout looks now.

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