Saturday, 29 March 2014

The green, green grass of.........

Sorry for the awful heading to this post but my ageing brain just couldn't muster anything witty or clever.  Progress on Chipping Compton has been even slower than normal until recently.  Over the last few weeks however a great deal has happened on the main station board of the layout as can be seen on this photo.

Two decently sized trees have appeared adjacent to the station master's house.  I must admit to being rather pleased with how these have turned out.  The method of construction is straight out of one of the recent books by Gordon Gravett (the one on broad-leaf trees).  Making trees from wire is certainly nothing new but changing the type of wire used has changed things completely for me.  Gordon's method is to use the paper coated wire intended for cake decorators.  It costs a bit more but is readily available from cookery shops or on eBay.  Get a copy of the book and all will be revealed!

This corner of the layout has also had a post & wire fence added using the wonderful "E-Z Line" from The States.  Time consuming and fiddly attaching 4 strands to each fencepost but worth it in the end.
A wider view of the scene but with much more static grass added as well as bramble bushes made from postiche rope and Greenscene foliage.  A hedge and some fencing around the house will be added next.
Later on in the evening my camera caught this fox scurrying beneath the hedgerow.  He (she?) is one of the excellent new 3mm scale ones from Langley.  Painted in acrylics he (she?) looks just the part.