Saturday, 5 October 2013

First outing

Chipping Compton had it's first outing last weekend, the 3mm Society's "Westfest" event in Wootton Bassett.  It had been invited as a "work in progress" exhibit which is just as well as it has a very long way to go before it's fit to be seen by the paying public.
It was a very useful shake-down for the layout as prior to checking it over and running a few trains in the week prior to the event it had not run for almost a year!  As you will have read in the previous (rather infrequent) posts I work on one section at a time.
Following a nice early arrival at the hall (I hate arriving at a show and have to rush setting up) the layout went together beautifully but when it came to run it the loco only crawled along at maximum power.
Thinking it was the controller that had given out Mike from Finney and Smith, that fine emporium for 3mm modellers kindly stepped in and lent me a "Pictroller" and suitable transformer.  A pity they didn't have any in stock as I would have bought one there and then.  A very fine controller indeed and on my Christmas list as a "from me to me" gift!   
Due to the way the layout is wired up I could not connect a 16 volt AC supply to the electro-magnets to uncouple the B&B couplings so goods traffic was kept to an absolute minimum.  A wire shunters pole hastily bodged together by my brother Rich utilising an X-acto knife handle was used for uncoupling passenger workings. 
The layout received some very kind comments and apart from the lack of automatic uncoupling it proved an enjoyable day's operating.
I did manage to get a few pictures:

Virtually the whole of the station is seen in this shot showing 7412 waiting to leave on a short goods working back to Andoversford.  The stationmasters house in the right background is nearing completion and will need toning-down a bit to fit in nicely. 

The goods shed is not bedded-in yet and one can still see the slight gap at ground level.  Once fixed in place this will be disguised.

I couldn't resist resist playing around with this shot (nothing clever....merely a few tweaks in "Paint").  Admittedly the backscene is not typical of the Cotswolds but much of it will be partially screened by trees.  Either that or I'll relocate the branch to mid-Wales :-)  

Another view of the goods shed. 

7412, a branch regular, has just arrived with the daily inward traffic today, just a brake van ready to accompany a couple of empty coal wagons.