Saturday, 22 June 2013

A bridge too far

It's been far too long since my last posting but I'm happy to report things are progressing.  In my last piece I mentioned that I had misgivings over the bridge that passed over the line immediately before the hidden sidings.  I removed it and replaced it with one based on the type favoured by the East Gloucestershire Railway.  Instead of stone or engineer's blue brick mine is in red brick with the sides copied from the bridge at Lechlade which still stands.

Aside from being much more feasible in the location than its predecessor it has allowed more room for the as yet undecided industry served by the private siding.

In the months since the last posting I have also fitted the backscene.  I wanted a photographic one and having seen numerous makes decided on one from ID Backscenes.  The one chosen was "Hills and Dales" and in places resembles the Cotswold escarpment but as much of it will eventually be disguised by trees it should fit in ok.  Now I loathe wallpapering and opted to use a product called "View Glue" from Deluxe Materials.  It's not cheap I suppose at around £7.00 for a 225ml bottle but it certainly works well and is well worth the money.

Several weeks ago I decided to play about with the camera on my new phone and grabbing some rolling stock that was sitting nearby I took this shot.

AEC railcar W19W has arrived from Cheltenham whilst on the left a new Alvan Blanch muck spreader has arrived on a lowfit from Malmesbury.

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