Monday, 11 February 2013

The grass is always greener.................

In my last posting I mentioned the intention to use a static grass applicator.  I'd been in possession of one for over a year but had never experimented with it.  A couple of weeks ago I attended the wonderful exhibition put on by The Sodbury Vale MRC and enjoyed a chat with Gordon and Maggie Gravett, picking up several tips about methods of using static grass.  Upon returning home I set to with my applicator and was very pleased with the results.  Having used the puffer-bottle style of applicator in the past with limited success I had failed to appreciate the obvious benefits of the electric version.  Once applied the longer fibres tend to keel over but a quick pass with the applicator (not loaded with more fibres) every now and then whilst the glue is drying works wonders in maintaining upright grass.  The version I have is the one from "Finescale Model Railways" and resembles a tea strainer with batteries!  It's certainly not a toy and can give a nasty shock if you're not careful.  However, it's incredibly easy to use and is excellent value for money. 
This is just a "quickie" shot taken with a bridge camera and shows Chipping Compton with the pagoda and station building placed temporarily in position.  I failed to notice when taking the shot that the pagoda wasn't quite placed correctly and there is an unsightly gap.  The grass shows up well though and it is starting to resemble a railway (at last!).

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