Sunday, 20 May 2012

3mm Society AGM

Yesterday was the day of the Annual General Meeting of the 3mm Society and the high point in the 3mm modeller's year.  Most of the traders specialising in the scale were there as well as the Society's various stands selling the countless items available solely to members. 
Several competitions are held in a variety of categories and I entered my model of the William Clarke station building from Barber's Bridge which you will have seen under construction in previous Blog entries.  The category I entered was for lineside buildings and structures and is called The Ralph Murfitt Trophy after a late Society member.

This building has taken up all of my modelling (and Blog) time over the last couple of months and I'm rather pleased with the result.  I am glad I've made this and some of the other buildings for Chipping Compton as "plug in" structures therefore enabling their removal from the layout for maintenance etc.

It was up against some stiff competition as we can see here with all 6 entries in The Ralph Murfitt Trophy.  At the rear on the left is the winning entry from Howard Love with some street corner shops from the Manchester area.  I wish I'd taken some close-up views of this as Howard is a retired art teacher and this shows in the sheer artistry of his buildings.  I regard him as being on a par with the late George Iliffe Stokes and his handiwork deserves attention in the mainstream model press.  This competition is always decided by a guest judge and this year we were honoured with the presence of Steve Flint, editor of Railway Modeller magazine.

The category covering steam outline locomotives is called The Tony Birch Trophy in memory of another deceased member.  This year it was won by Nick Salzman with this delightful LSWR 0-6-0 "Ilfracombe Goods" loco.  This competition is decided by member's votes.

Here we see two Society members, both accomplished modellers (Mike Davey and Richard Preece), examining the entries for The Market Drayton Trophy.  This category covers goods vehicles or non-passenger coaching stock.  This was won this year by Andrew Thomas who's 3 tank wagons are on the far left at the far side of the table.  Again this competition is judged on member's votes and this was a runaway winner.  The entries on the right-hand table are in the Modern-Image Trophy and demonstrates the vast diversity of subjects members portray, the multi-coloured diesel loco edging into view is from the Thai State Railways! 

Well, AGM day would not be AGM day without parting with some of the folding stuff!  I just had to get one of the latest kits for the LNER Lowmac (Low Machinery) wagon.  Moulded exclusively for the Society by Parkside, these kits are excellent value for money and the same high level of quality enjoyed by modellers in 4mm and 7mm is present in their 3mm scale mouldings.