Thursday, 15 March 2012

A new post at last!

Following some hounding from fellow 3mm Society members to update this blog (no names mentioned), I had best recount how my modelling time has been spent since January.  Having ballasted the sidings with a certain brand of ash ballast and then decided it just wasn't right I lifted the 3 sidings concerned and relaid them.  Drastic measures perhaps but I just had to put it right there and then or live with it.  The ballasting is all done now with the sidings suitably ballasted in ash and I'm really glad I went to the trouble to improve things.  So, not an enjoyable thing to do and having taken a break from working on the layout I have returned to the platform area.  This is now surfaced with card as a basic surface and about half of it is covered with individual paper paving slabs.  The remainder will be surfaced to represent tarmac or gravel.  The upper picture shows the hole into which the station building will slot whilst the lower view shows virtually the whole platform length.  Updating this blog I was shocked to realise that it was last June that I started to lay the track and this is the progress to date!  Then again, wiring the layout up took time and as for the track painting and ballasting....well let's forget that bit and concentrate on the future.  It has its first booking in October 2013.  Will it be ready in time? we shall have to see...............

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