Monday, 21 November 2011

It works!

A couple of weeks ago I finally completed the wiring on my new layout "Chipping Compton".  Test running it was successful apart from a minor wiring error which was soon remedied.  As on previous layouts the points are controlled by using the simple wire-in-tube method but this time rather than using metal tubing for the wire to run through I used PTFE tubing.  Model Signal Engineering sell a nice low-price kit.  The tube runs can just be seen running across the board on this view of the scenic section of the layout.  As I had used 1/8 cork sheet to cover the ply baseboard it means the tubing is hidden nicely in narrow trenches in the cork meaning it is flush with the surface.   The shaped blocks at the foot of the backscene will be hidden by scenery and are there to provide additional support for the backscene. 

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