Monday, 26 September 2011

Track relaying

Ever since I laid the track on Chipping Compton I've never been completely happy with the way the main running line crosses one of the baseboard joins.  Despite the fact that nothing has yet run on the layout under it's own power I could see a very slight "ramp" effect which was just visible to the naked eye when looking along the line from track level.  Granted, my chosen wheel and track standards are not finescale (more "intermediate") but I just was not happy.  So Friday night I set to and cut out a short section either side of the join and very carefully let in a section as per the picture.  Care was taken to ensure it was an exact fit with no gaps either end. The picture also shows the two copper-clad sleepers used to strengthen my track adjacent to baseboard joins.  Once in place both rails were cut with a fine razor saw....after the rails had been soldered to the sleepers of course.  I'm glad I carried this out as I'd never of been happy with it the way it was and running would have suffered too.  Once ballasted this job would have been much harder (and messier to do).   In short, never rush building your layout, take your time to get it right at each stage.

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