Friday, 27 May 2011


I have finally reached the stage where track laying can begin. The two scenic boards are ready having had a layer of cork sheet glued down and the track layout plotted out. The position of the various structures has been confirmed as this view of one of the station boards shows. On the shopping list for "Railex" at Aylesbury tomorrow are some necessities such as ballast and PTFE tubing for the point rodding. At something like ten feet in length the whole layout seems large compared to my previous layouts. I must say that whilst I have no intention of rushing this project I am looking forward to getting some track down. As a side project I have decided to change the choice of station building for Chipping Compton. Rather than the small wooden building from Hannington on the Highworth branch I have opted for one of the "William Clarke" type from the Gloucester - Hereford line. As I am once again fortunate to be demonstrating at this year's "Camrail" show in Bradford-on-Avon on 23rd & 24th July I shall spend the time gainfully employed on this.

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