Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Baseboard progress

After completing the main board structures as well as the trestles and legs (pics to follow) I've completed all the sides on the fiddle yard board. Seen here from the operator's side, the fairly low screen from Joe Public's gaze will be augmented by an "add-on" sloping frontage which will give details of the layout and scale.

It's always worth reinforcing corners with triangular sections to allow for knocks during transportation. I also use them on the viewing side of the backscene as it helps avoid sharp corners in the sky.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Baseboards completed.

I've just finished the main structure on the baseboards for "Chipping Compton". Next will be the legs and trestles and I can start on the layout itself! As you can see I used girder sections made from ply and softwood spacers together with ply baseboard tops. Light and portable, they are surprisingly strong.

Railex 2010 Aylesbury

The last weekend of May saw another annual highlight of the modelling year with the Aylesbury exhibition. This is arguably the best of the larger shows these days with 100% quality layouts and trade stands, all in a modern venue with free parking plus a bus link to the town.
So many great layouts again this time but here are three to give you a flavour.

This is Brian Harrap's brilliant "Quai:87". A fascinating layout that breaks from the norm by way of its original design. A stunning exercise in minimum space modelling and all in P87. Don't just take my word for it, watch out for it on the exhibition circuit and see for yourself.

John Darch's "Clinkerford" is set in The Forest of Dean and anyone who knows the area will recognize this immediately, and not only because of the profusion of sheep roaming free. Inspired by the terminus at Cinderford it demands careful study. Sadly, I hear that this may have been it's last showing.

Clinkerford is a mirror image of the basic layout of Cinderford with some additions, notably the loco shed shown here. It portrays the atmosphere of its prototype inspiration perfectly though. Spacious, uncluttered and unmistakeably GWR.

Blakeney has been on the circuit for quite some time but always draws an appreciative crowd. Well documented in the modelling press it's creator, Geoff Kent has portrayed a former Great Eastern terminus set in the the 1950's perfectly.

Monday, 3 May 2010


At long last my 57xx pannier is complete. I've now enough locomotives for the new layout but another 94xx pannier could be on the cards as 3SMR have just released a revamped version of the old BEC kit. For now though I really must concentrate on building the baseboards for "Chipping Compton" but I might just get side-tracked with another wagon or two along the way!

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

A day in the forest.

Despite a lack of postings here I have been busy with various modelling projects, chiefly the 57xx pannier which is nearing completion (at long last). I must confess it was almost a shame to paint it as it looked rather spiffing in burnished brass but it wouldn't be much use in that state! Some pictures will follow just as soon as the painting and weathering is complete.

For now, here are a couple of views of the Dean Forest Railway's pannier (with the later cab style as opposed to the earlier pattern on my model).

9681 cautiously approaches the crossing at Whitecroft with the 14:30 from Parkend on Sunday 18th April.

9681 is seen again backing onto its train at Parkend ready to head back to Norchard with the 16:00 service, the final train of the day.