Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Cheltenham Model Railway Show

Spent the majority of the weekend at the show looking at layouts or buying photos from Stewart Blencowe's stand. Mike Corp's brilliant 3mm scale "West Harptree" was there and as well as taking even more photos of this inspirational layout I spent a far part of Sunday operating it as well! The running on this layout is faultless with there being no stalling and finger poking required at all. The only time a loco refused to budge for me was down to my error. I just wish I could achieve this level of reliability with all my locos. Next time you see this layout at a show take some time to really watch it and appreciate 3mm modelling at its very best. This view shows virtually the entire station area and you can see the layout in a forthcoming edition of "Railway Modeller".

Almost there!

The final stages of building the 57xx pannier are now within sight as this view of the bunker rear shows. Much extra detail has been added including the fire-iron and lamp brackets. I intend to make a set of fire-irons and the inevitable bucket to hang on the back!

These views were taken a couple of weeks ago and since then I have added the injectors and top-feed pipes. The cab roof will be fitted after all the painting has been completed and a crew added. The smokebox door handles are 4mm items cut down in length and thinned down a tad. Much better than anything I could cobble together and I don't care for moulded-on ones.