Monday, 4 May 2009

Not another pannier!

Over the years I've built a fair number of locomotives and being a devotee of ex-GW branch lines a high percentage have been panniers of one sort or another. As any 3mm modellers reading this will know, if you wanted a 57XX type you used to have to either scratch build or use the old GEM kit. The GEM kit was (and still is) perfectly usable but when the Brynkits one came on the market its etched brass and resin construction seemed to make an even better looking loco achievable. Having already made an example of the 8750 series from a Brynkits etch I thought it would be nice to have another from the 5700 series with its older style cab. I'm taking my time with this one as it will hopefully become the staple motive power for the new layout and special attention will be taken to ensure it runs as well as possible. The following photographs and notes are not intended to be a guide to construction as the instructions provided are perfectly adaquate, they are merely here a a work log to show I've been doing something!
The first part of the kit to be completed was the cab sub-assembly which is mainly another fold-up unit apart from the rear end which just slots nicely into position. The trickiest part without a doubt was the beading around the cabside aperture. As an exercise to get back into soldering again after many months it worked quite well and I am particularly pleased with the look of the cab rear windows and their coal bars.

Next to be tackled was the running plate which consists mainly of 2 etches which are simply sweated together. The lower one incorporates fold-up spasher fronts to which the splasher tops are soldered. Side overlays include front and rear steps.

The kit uses an ingenious fold-up method and makes a really good entry-level kit for anybody new to chassis construction. It is pretty difficult not to assemble it squarely. This is the 14th one I've made using this concept and I must mention that I have removed the spring detail from the frames below the 2 front axles. This is done merely to allow my choice of pick-ups to be used and does not detract from the finished appearance.

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